Welcome to Highland Healing Space

My name is Helene Fleming, I practice and teach Reiki, Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi in Inverness.

I was previously established in Nairn since 2008 but have now moved to Inverness and my former site was called reikibytheriver.org. Our beautiful and peaceful healing room is ready to welcome you.

To check out the blog, events, tai chi theory and what’s new please click the ‘Blog side’ page or check out the events and categories to the right of this page.

For latest students’ feedback please scroll to the very bottom of this page.

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***NEW QIGONG  1-2-1 sessions now available, please get in touch to book your first session***

***Next Reiki share, will take place on Sunday 8th of October, 10:30 am to 12:30, please book quickly to avoid disappointment***

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For Reiki course dates please check the page Here

For Reiki courses and sessions please check out the reiki pages and get in touch. Also if you are interested in reiki shares then please register your interest.
Individual Meditation sessions are available. please check the meditation page for further information.
Individual Tai Chi sessions are now available, please check the Tai Chi Chuan pages for further information.
Individual Qigong sessions are now available, please check the blogside for further information.


I run Tai Chi classes every week at the Inverness leisure centre (aquadome) on

  1. FRIDAYS FROM 11.00AM UNTIL MIDDAY in SPORTS HALL 1 or 2 ( check both), this is a beginner’s and form class, where all are welcome.
  2. MONDAYS FROM 11.00AM UNTIL MIDDAY in SPORTS HALL 2 (sometimes Lower Deck Lounge). This is an improver class, it gives you more practice and deepens your tai chi practice. Different parts of the form are looked at in greater detail and other exercises are practiced such as breath exercises, partner work, Qigong …

These classes teaches Yang style, large frame, long form Tai Chi from the Naishindo lineage.

  1. I run an EVENING TAI CHI CLASS  every WEDNESDAYS  during term time at Milton of Leys Primary school from 7:30 pm till 8:30 pm.**This class also teaches Yang style, large frame, long form Tai Chi from the NaiShinDo lineage. Students of all levels are welcome. Note the venue and time for this class is going to change shortly, look out for updates.

-I am committed to bringing you a high standard of teaching and sessions across the curriculum that I offer and to that effect continue developing all the aspects of my practice. I hold current certification for all aspects of this curriculum. I am currently registered

  • On Reiki Evolution’s register of practitioners
  • As a registered teacher with the professional association ‘The Reiki Guild’.
  • As a Reiki Master/Teacher with the UK Reiki Federation
  • with the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) as a Karuna Holy Fire II teacher.
  • On the ‘Long White Cloud Qigong’ register of instructors.

For all enquiries, bookings or to register your interest

please get in touch with me either

by phone 07985983160 or

by email helenehealing@hotmail.com or

leave a comment!

Thank you


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Highland Healing Space”

  1. Helene is a wonderfully experienced and knowledgeable teacher. Initially meeting Helene at her Tai Chi class at Inverness Leisure, I did one on one work on Tai Chi and meditation and then went on to my Reiki 1 course with her which has been incredibly beneficial for me. Helene organises Reiki shares and meditation groups so I can continue to practice what I’ve learnt. Helene continues to support me even though commitments mean I’m not always a regular attendee and I’m looking forward to doing my Reiki 2 course with her. I would highly recommend Helene and Highland Healing Space.


  2. Another incredible weekend with Helene doing my Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki, Second Degree. A brilliant weekend of learning, self awareness, and practice, allowing the symbols and energy to become ingrained. Welcomed by Helene and her family I felt very blessed, uplifted and energised throughout the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Highland Healing Space’s ‘one-to-one’ Qigong sessions are magical and enlightening!!!

    Helene is an amazingly patient, caring and conscientious teacher who always goes the extra mile for her students!!

    The opportunity to study one-to-one gives time and space for you to grow as an individual, ask many questions and have a giggle!!!!!

    I cannot recommend Helene highly enough for the support she provides, kindness she shows and the knowledge of her subjects she has!!! She is an inspiration and not only teaches, but practices in her own life what she preaches – such a balanced, loving individual!!!

    Thank you for all you do Helene – you are greatly appreciated!!! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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